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parellic -> paren -> parencephalic
Words that begin with paren:
paren, parencephalic, parencephalon, parenchym, parenchyma, parenchymal, parenchymatic, parenchymatitis, parenchymatous, parenchymatously, parenchyme, parenchymous, parenesis, parenesize, parenetic, parenetical, parennece, parennir, parens, parent, parentage, parental, parentalia, parentalism, parentality, parentally, parentate, parentation, parentdom, parented, parentela, parentele, parentelic, parenteral, parenterally, parentheses, parenthesis, parenthesize, parenthesized, parenthesizes, parenthesizing, parenthetic, parenthetical, parentheticality, parenthetically, parentheticalness, parenthood, parenticide, parenting, parentis, parentless, parentlike, parents, parentship
pa-, par-, pare-
-aren, -ren, -en

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