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Two word anagram solutions made with the letters from 'mere':
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Words near to mere.
merdurinous -> mere -> mered
Words that begin with mere:
mere, mered, meredithian, merel, merels, merely, merenchyma, merenchymatous, merengue, merengued, merengues, merenguing, merer, meres, meresman, meresmen, merest, merestone, mereswine, meretrices, meretricious, meretriciously, meretriciousness, meretrix
Words that end with mere:
actinomere, antimere, arthromere, blastomere, branchiomere, capsomere, cashmere, casimere, cassimere, centromere, cephalomere, chimere, chondriomere, chromomere, cryptomere, cytomere, dermatomere, ectomere, encephalomere, enteromere, entomere, epimere, gonomere, hyalomere, hypomere, isomere, karyomere, kerseymere, kryptomere, landimere, macromere, megamere, mere, mesomere, metamere, micromere, myelomere, myomere, nephromere, neuromere, osteomere, paramere, phaneromere, plastomere, podomere, poecilomere, polioneuromere, polymere, rhabdomere, sarcomere, scleromere, spheromere, uromere, zygotomere
me-, mer-
-ere, -re

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