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yr -> ira -> iracund
Words that begin with ira:
ira, iracund, iracundity, iracundulous, irade, irades, iran, irani, iranian, iranians, iranic, iranism, iranist, iranize, iraq, iraqi, iraqian, iraqis, irascent, irascibility, irascible, irascibleness, irascibly, irate, irately, irateness, irater, iratest
Words that end with ira:
achira, aira, almira, altamira, anatira, andira, aroeira, arthrodira, beheira, beira, cachoeira, carvoeira, cristispira, cryptodira, curupira, daira, elvira, embira, epeira, geira, gigelira, guajira, hegira, hejira, hetaira, igbira, ira, kashira, lempira, leptospira, lira, machaira, macrochira, madeira, mangabeira, mbira, mira, moira, naira, nashira, palmira, pareira, pereira, piteira, pleurodira, quira, rangatira, sapphira, sephira, sharira, spira, sucupira, tabira, tatukira, thiospira, timbira, tobira, tralira, vira, vondsira, wavira, zira

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