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There are no anagrams for 'hole'.
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Words that begin with hole:
hole, holeable, holectypina, holectypoid, holed, holeless, holeman, holeproof, holer, holes, holethnic, holethnos, holewort, holey
Words that end with hole:
absinthole, anethole, armhole, arsehole, asshole, blasthole, blockhole, blowhole, boghole, bolthole, borehole, bunghole, buttonhole, cathole, chuckhole, chughole, coalhole, cornhole, crabhole, creephole, cubbyhole, cuddyhole, denehole, dhole, dibhole, doghole, dreamhole, earhole, eyehole, foxhole, ghole, gullyhole, gunkhole, handhole, hawsehole, hellhole, hewhole, highhole, hole, jawhole, keyhole, kilnhole, kneehole, knothole, lamphole, lockhole, loophole, manhole, mousehole, muckhole, mudhole, nosehole, oarhole, oenanthole, oilhole, peephole, pennyhole, pesthole, pigeonhole, pinhole, pitchhole, pithole, plughole, porthole, posthole, pothole, rathole, rudderhole, shole, sighthole, sinkhole, smokehole, spikehole, spilehole, spyhole, stokehole, suckhole, taphole, teasehole, thole, thumbhole, tootinghole, touchhole, traphole, underhole, unwhole, venthole, waistcoathole, wellhole, whole, windhole, winklehole, woodhole, wormhole
ho-, hol-
-ole, -le

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