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Words near to gens.
genros -> gens -> genseng
Words that begin with gens:
gens, genseng, gensengs, genson
Words that end with gens:
acrogens, allergens, amidogens, amylogens, androgens, antigens, biogens, carcinogens, collagens, cryogens, cultigens, cyanogens, emulgens, endogens, estrogens, exogens, florigens, gens, glycogens, hallucinogens, halogens, histogens, hyalogens, hydrogens, indigens, kerogens, lysogens, mitogens, morgens, mutagens, nitrogens, oxygens, pangens, pathogens, pyrogens, roentgens, rontgens, smidgens, subgens, thallogens, trudgens, volkswagens, zymogens
ge-, gen-
-ens, -ns

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