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Words near to dure.
durdum -> dure -> dured
Words that begin with dure:
dure, dured, duree, dureful, durene, durenol, dureresque, dures, duress, duresses, duressor, duret, duretto, durezza
Words that end with dure:
adure, ardure, blendure, bordure, boundure, coendure, cutidure, dure, endure, engendure, enverdure, foldure, hodure, imbordure, indure, microprocedure, obdure, ordure, outdure, overdure, pandure, perdure, perendure, procedure, rejoindure, retardure, reverdure, rondure, roundure, subdure, supersedure, undure, unfoldure, verdure
du-, dur-
-ure, -re

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