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asdics -> ase -> asea
Words that begin with ase:
ase, asea, asearch, asecretory, aseethe, aseismatic, aseismic, aseismicity, aseitas, aseity, aselar, aselgeia, asellate, aselli, asellidae, aselline, asellus, asem, asemasia, asemia, asemic, asepalous, asepses, asepsis, aseptate, aseptic, aseptically, asepticism, asepticize, asepticized, asepticizing, aseptify, aseptol, aseptolin, asexual, asexualisation, asexualise, asexualised, asexualising, asexuality, asexualization, asexualize, asexualized, asexualizing, asexually, asexuals
Words that end with ase:
abase, abrase, accrease, acetaldehydase, acetaldehydrase, acetylcholinesterase, achrodextrinase, achroodextrinase, acylase, adenase, aldehydase, aldolase, aliesterase, allantoinase, alloclase, ambergrease, amidase, aminase, aminopeptidase, aminopherase, aminopolypeptidase, aminotransferase, amygdalase, amylase, amylocoagulase, amylopsase, anaphase, anatase, angiotensinase, angiotonase, anorthoclase, antiamylase, anticatalase, anticholinesterase, antidiastase, antiglyoxalase, antikinase, antilactase, antilipase, antioxidase, antiphase, antiprotease, antityrosinase, antiurease, apozymase, appease, apyrase, arase, arbutase, arbutinase, arginase, ase, aspartokinase, auxamylase, auxoamylase, bandcase, base, bechase, bedcase, begrease, bephrase, biogenase, biphase, blase, blowcase, bookcase, borlase, braincase, briefcase, butyrinase, calciclase, capcase, carbohydrase, carboxylase, carboxypeptidase, carcase, cardcase, case, casease, catalase, catchphrase, cease, cellulase, chase, chlorophyllase, choleokinase, cholinesterase, chrysoprase, chymase, clinoclase, clockcase, coagulase, cocarboxylase, collagenase, coreductase, counterbase, counterplease, crankcase, crease, cryostase, cyclase, cytase, cytozymase, dase, database, deamidase, deaminase, debase, decarboxylase, decease, decrease, defease, degrease, dehydrase, dehydratase, dehydrochlorinase, dehydrogenase, deoxyribonuclease, dephase, desamidase, desaminase, desmolase, desoxyribonuclease, deuterocasease, dextranase, dextrinase, diabase, diaclase, diapase, diaphorase, diastase, dibase, dicaryophase, diecase, dikaryophase, dioptase, dipeptidase, diphase, diplophase, disaccharidase, disbase, discase, dischase, disease, disencrease, disincrease, displease, doorcase, dopaoxidase, dyscrase, ease, ecrase, elastase, embase, embrase, emphase, encase, enchase, encrease, endonuclease, endopeptidase, enolase, enterokinase, epimerase, erase, ereptase, esterase, euclase, evase, ewelease, exonuclease, exopeptidase, fease, fibrinokinase, firebase, forchase, forechase, frase, fructokinase, fumarase, galactase, galactosidase, gaultherase, gearcase, gease, gervase, glucase, glucokinase, gluconokinase, glucosidase, glucuronidase, glutaminase, glycogenase, glycosidase, glyoxalase, gnathobase, grease, guanase, gynobase, haplophase, hardcase, heartease, heartsease, hemase, hemiphrase, hexokinase, hexosephosphatase, histaminase, holophrase, hopcrease, hyaluronidase, hydrase, hydrogenase, hydrolase, hydroxylase, hypertensinase, hypostase, idocrase, imbase, impapase, incase, inchase, increase, inphase, insulinase, interchase, interphase, inulase, invertase, isobase, isomerase, katalase, kettlecase, kinase, laccase, lactase, lase, lease, lecithinase, leptoclase, ligase, lipase, lipoxidase, lithoclase, lotase, lowercase, loxoclase, luciferase, lyase, lymphoprotease, madecase, malease, maltase, mease, melezitase, metaclase, metadiabase, metaphase, metaphrase, methylase, misease, misphrase, misplease, mispurchase, monaphase, monase, monobase, monophase, multiphase, mutase, myrosinase, needlecase, neuraminidase, nonbase, nonincrease, nonpurchase, nonrelease, notecase, nuclease, nucleinase, nucleosidase, nucleotidase, nutcase, oilcase, olease, oligoclase, orthoclase, outcase, outchase, outplease, outtease, overbase, overchase, overplease, overpurchase, oxidase, oxidoreductase, oxydase, oxygenase, panabase, pancreatolipase, paraphrase, pase, pease, pectase, pectinase, pectinesterase, pectosase, pectosinase, peptidase, percase, periclase, periphrase, permease, peroxidase, phase, phosphatase, phosphodiesterase, phosphofructokinase, phosphoglucomutase, phosphokinase, phospholipase, phosphomonoesterase, phosphonuclease, phosphorylase, phrase, phytase, pillowcase, pincase, plagioclase, plasmase, please, pocketcase, polycrase, polymerase, polynucleotidase, polyphase, prase, predecease, preincrease, prelease, prepurchase, prerelease, proincrease, prophase, propurchase, prorelease, protease, proteinase, proterobase, protopectinase, prunase, purchase, pyocyanase, quease, racemase, raffinase, rase, reappease, rebase, recase, rechase, recrease, redecrease, reductase, regrease, reincrease, release, rennase, rephase, rephrase, repurchase, rerelease, rhamninase, rheobase, rhomboclase, ribonuclease, rimbase, saccharase, salicylase, scase, schweizerkase, sclerobase, seedcase, semibase, seminase, semiphase, serolipase, seroprotease, showcase, sinigrinase, slipcase, smearcase, smiercase, sodaclase, staircase, steeplechase, streptodornase, streptokinase, striptease, subbase, subcase, sublease, sucrase, suitcase, sulfatase, sulphatase, superincrease, superplease, surbase, surcease, symphrase, synaptase, synthetase, tannase, tease, telophase, thiaminase, thrombase, thrombokinase, transaminase, transcriptase, transferase, transvase, trehalase, tribase, triphase, tryptase, typecase, tyrosinase, ukase, unbase, uncase, undercase, underlease, unease, uniphase, uppercase, urase, urease, urokinase, vase, vesiculase, vyase, wase, watchcase, whase, wheelbase, zymase

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