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armures -> arn -> arna
Words that begin with arn:
arn, arna, arnatta, arnatto, arnattos, arnaut, arnberry, arne, arneb, arnebia, arnee, arnement, arni, arnica, arnicas, arnold, arnoldist, arnoseris, arnotta, arnotto, arnottos, arnusian, arnut
Words that end with arn:
amgarn, arn, awarn, barn, beearn, carbarn, carn, cedarn, consarn, cowbarn, cowsharn, darn, dearn, diswarn, earn, forewarn, forwarn, garn, goldarn, goshdarn, harn, imbarn, incarn, karn, kearn, larn, learn, millibarn, mislearn, outlearn, overlearn, prewarn, redarn, reearn, relearn, rewarn, scarn, sharn, spunyarn, starn, tarn, tuarn, unlearn, unwarn, warn, yarn, yearn

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