This privacy policy document describes what information is collected and how it is used by MyAnagram, Google and their partners.


  • App: A software application provided for use by MyAnagram. At present, these comprise:
    • Word Analysis
    • Anagram Solver
    • Scrabble Helper
    • Compound Anagrams
    • Words That Begin With
    • Words That End With
    • Crossword Solver
    • Conundrum Puzzles

SSL and Encryption

All data sent and received between a user and MyAnagram shall be encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.

Log Files

MyAnagram makes use of log files to record traffic information of a non-personal nature in order to analyse trends, administer the site and gather demographic information.

Any unauthorised access to password protected parts of this website or server will result in the IP address being recorded for security auditing purposes.

Personalised Advertising


MyAnagram uses Google Analytics in order to record anonymised aggregate information for statistical analysis and to aid in improving the quality of this site.

Cookie Policy

Functional cookies shall be used to support the functionality of this site.

  • Google Analytics: Cookies to allow for anonymised site usage analysis.

No cookies shall contain any personally identifiable information.

For more information on how Google Analytics collects and uses your data, please review their privacy policy.


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