Compound Anagrams
Two word composite anagram solutions using all the letters from outfasted:
ou daftest, of statued, st fadeout, fa duettos, fa testudo, de outfast, ed outfast, out defast, out defats, out fasted, fou stated, fou tasted, ufo stated, ufo tasted, ous fatted, sou fatted, duo fettas, oud fettas, udo fettas, oft sauted, oft sudate, oat fusted, tao fusted, sot fauted, oaf duetts, oaf tutsed, dof astute, dof statue, ado fustet, oda fustet, tau softed, uta softed, auf sotted, feu dattos, aft ousted, aft toused, fat ousted, fat toused, tad foetus, tad fouest, tad fouets, ted fouats, fas duetto, fas touted, fad outset, fad setout, def outsat, def tatous, fed outsat, fed tatous, tofu dates, tofu sated, tofu stade, tofu stead, tofu teads, tofu tsade, oust defat, oust fated, outs defat, outs fated, sout defat, sout fated, tout fades, tout safed, dout fates, dout feast, dout feats, dout festa, dout fetas, foud etats, foud state, foud taste, foud tates, foud teats, foud testa, duos fetta, ouds fetta, udos fetta, dato fetus, doat fetus, toad fetus, dote fauts, dote tufas, toed fauts, toed tufas, oafs duett, sofa duett, feod sutta, feod tatus, feod tauts, odea tufts, faut doest, faut dotes, faut tosed, tufa doest, tufa dotes, tufa tosed, tatu feods, taut feods, duet fatso, duet softa, aufs toted, feus datto, fuse datto, feud stoat, feud toast, fast outed, fats outed, saft outed, fate douts, feat douts, feta douts, daft touse, deft autos, tads fouet, etat fouds, tate fouds, teat fouds, date tofus, taed tofus, tead tofus, sted fouat, teds fouat, deaf stout, deaf touts, fade stout, fade touts, feds tatou, fouat sted, fouat teds, tofus date, tofus taed, tofus tead, fouet tads, autos deft, tatou feds, stout deaf, stout fade, touts deaf, touts fade, touse daft, douts fate, douts feat, douts feta, outed fast, outed fats, outed saft, fouds etat, fouds tate, fouds teat, fatso duet, softa duet, stoat feud, toast feud, datto feus, datto fuse, doest faut, doest tufa, dotes faut, dotes tufa, tosed faut, tosed tufa, toted aufs, feods tatu, feods taut, fauts dote, fauts toed, tufas dote, tufas toed, tufts odea, fetus dato, fetus doat, fetus toad, sutta feod, tatus feod, tauts feod, duett oafs, duett sofa, fates dout, feast dout, feats dout, festa dout, fetas dout, fetta duos, fetta ouds, fetta udos, defat oust, defat outs, defat sout, fated oust, fated outs, fated sout, etats foud, state foud, taste foud, tates foud, teats foud, testa foud, dates tofu, sated tofu, stade tofu, stead tofu, teads tofu, tsade tofu, fades tout, safed tout, fouats ted, foetus tad, fouest tad, fouets tad, outsat def, outsat fed, tatous def, tatous fed, outset fad, setout fad, ousted aft, ousted fat, toused aft, toused fat, duetto fas, touted fas, softed tau, softed uta, dattos feu, sotted auf, fauted sot, fustet ado, fustet oda, fusted oat, fusted tao, astute dof, statue dof, sauted oft, sudate oft, duetts oaf, tutsed oaf, fettas duo, fettas oud, fettas udo, defast out, defats out, fasted out, fatted ous, fatted sou, stated fou, stated ufo, tasted fou, tasted ufo, outfast de, outfast ed, fadeout st, duettos fa, testudo fa, statued of, daftest ou, outfasted

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