Compound Anagrams
Two word composite anagram solutions using all the letters from frttiamee:
fa emitter, fa termite, it fermate, ti fermate, at femiter, ta femiter, em fattier, me fattier, fir metate, rif metate, erf mattie, fer mattie, ref mattie, fit remate, fit reteam, fit teamer, aft metier, aft reemit, aft retime, aft tremie, fat metier, fat reemit, fat retime, fat tremie, eft imaret, eft matier, fet imaret, fet matier, tef imaret, tef matier, fie matter, fem attire, fem ratite, fem tertia, ate fremit, eat fremit, eta fremit, tae fremit, tea fremit, met treifa, tee maftir, aim fetter, ami fetter, mae fitter, mae titfer, fier matte, fire matte, reif matte, rife matte, ferm tatie, fitt ameer, fitt meare, fitt ramee, fitt reame, tift ameer, tift meare, tift ramee, tift reame, fett aimer, fett maire, fett ramie, fett rimae, fiat meter, fiat metre, fiat remet, fiat retem, fate merit, fate miter, fate mitre, fate remit, fate timer, feat merit, feat miter, feat mitre, feat remit, feat timer, feta merit, feta miter, feta mitre, feta remit, feta timer, feet amrit, fete amrit, fame tetri, fame titer, fame titre, fame trite, feme trait, aret metif, rate metif, tare metif, tear metif, emir fetta, meri fetta, mire fetta, riem fetta, rime fetta, mare fitte, ream fitte, mitt feare, tite frame, matt fiere, etat fermi, tate fermi, teat fermi, tete fraim, emit after, emit frate, emit trefa, item after, item frate, item trefa, mite after, mite frate, mite trefa, time after, time frate, time trefa, mate freit, mate refit, mate rifte, mate treif, meat freit, meat refit, meat rifte, meat treif, meta freit, meta refit, meta rifte, meta treif, tame freit, tame refit, tame rifte, tame treif, team freit, team refit, team rifte, team treif, meet afrit, meet frati, meet iftar, mete afrit, mete frati, mete iftar, teem afrit, teem frati, teem iftar, teme afrit, teme frati, teme iftar, afrit meet, afrit mete, afrit teem, afrit teme, frati meet, frati mete, frati teem, frati teme, iftar meet, iftar mete, iftar teem, iftar teme, freit mate, freit meat, freit meta, freit tame, freit team, refit mate, refit meat, refit meta, refit tame, refit team, rifte mate, rifte meat, rifte meta, rifte tame, rifte team, treif mate, treif meat, treif meta, treif tame, treif team, after emit, after item, after mite, after time, frate emit, frate item, frate mite, frate time, trefa emit, trefa item, trefa mite, trefa time, fraim tete, fermi etat, fermi tate, fermi teat, fiere matt, frame tite, feare mitt, fitte mare, fitte ream, fetta emir, fetta meri, fetta mire, fetta riem, fetta rime, metif aret, metif rate, metif tare, metif tear, trait feme, tetri fame, titer fame, titre fame, trite fame, amrit feet, amrit fete, merit fate, merit feat, merit feta, miter fate, miter feat, miter feta, mitre fate, mitre feat, mitre feta, remit fate, remit feat, remit feta, timer fate, timer feat, timer feta, meter fiat, metre fiat, remet fiat, retem fiat, aimer fett, maire fett, ramie fett, rimae fett, ameer fitt, ameer tift, meare fitt, meare tift, ramee fitt, ramee tift, reame fitt, reame tift, tatie ferm, matte fier, matte fire, matte reif, matte rife, fitter mae, titfer mae, fetter aim, fetter ami, maftir tee, treifa met, fremit ate, fremit eat, fremit eta, fremit tae, fremit tea, attire fem, ratite fem, tertia fem, matter fie, imaret eft, imaret fet, imaret tef, matier eft, matier fet, matier tef, metier aft, metier fat, reemit aft, reemit fat, retime aft, retime fat, tremie aft, tremie fat, remate fit, reteam fit, teamer fit, mattie erf, mattie fer, mattie ref, metate fir, metate rif, fattier em, fattier me, femiter at, femiter ta, fermate it, fermate ti, emitter fa, termite fa, aftertime

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