Compound Anagrams
Two word composite anagram solutions using all the letters from eefrworli:
we florier, el frowier, ow ferlier, wo ferlier, erf lowrie, erf owlier, fer lowrie, fer owlier, ref lowrie, ref owlier, elf owrier, fie worrel, ire flower, ire fowler, ire reflow, ire wolfer, rei flower, rei fowler, rei reflow, rei wolfer, owe rifler, woe rifler, wof relier, fil rewore, row ferlie, row liefer, row refile, row relief, low refire, owl refire, fier lower, fier owler, fier rowel, fire lower, fire owler, fire rowel, reif lower, reif owler, reif rowel, rife lower, rife owler, rife rowel, flew rorie, floe wirer, floe wrier, file rower, lief rower, life rower, ower filer, ower flier, ower lifer, ower rifle, owre filer, owre flier, owre lifer, owre rifle, wero filer, wero flier, wero lifer, wero rifle, wore filer, wore flier, wore lifer, wore rifle, weir forel, wire forel, lowe firer, lowe frier, lowe rifer, lwei frore, weil frore, wiel frore, wile frore, frow relie, loir fewer, roil fewer, fewer loir, fewer roil, relie frow, frore lwei, frore weil, frore wiel, frore wile, forel weir, forel wire, firer lowe, frier lowe, rifer lowe, filer ower, filer owre, filer wero, filer wore, flier ower, flier owre, flier wero, flier wore, lifer ower, lifer owre, lifer wero, lifer wore, rifle ower, rifle owre, rifle wero, rifle wore, rower file, rower lief, rower life, lower fier, lower fire, lower reif, lower rife, owler fier, owler fire, owler reif, owler rife, rowel fier, rowel fire, rowel reif, rowel rife, wirer floe, wrier floe, rorie flew, refire low, refire owl, ferlie row, liefer row, refile row, relief row, rewore fil, relier wof, flower ire, flower rei, fowler ire, fowler rei, reflow ire, reflow rei, wolfer ire, wolfer rei, rifler owe, rifler woe, worrel fie, owrier elf, lowrie erf, lowrie fer, lowrie ref, owlier erf, owlier fer, owlier ref, ferlier ow, ferlier wo, frowier el, florier we, flowerier

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